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Graphic Designer, based in London.

Working with sustainability start-ups as well as film and television.


Big fan of branding, and fake branding for set dressing, I love making fake newspapers, posters, perfumes etc. I've also made more than my fair share of protest signs, pinboard filler and phone screens. 


I trained as a scenic artist at the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art, after working for many years in scenery and props I took a sideways step into the Graphic dept, but I took all my skills with me.


For my real-world work, I try to find projects that focus on sustainability, whether it's branding new companies, to working with The Green Party on local campaigns. 


I know photoshop, illustrator and InDesign, that's a given. I also like a bit of the low-tech handmade aesthetic such as sign writing, calligraphy and illustration.


Get in touch, and let's make stuff x

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PHONE - 077421463293

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